Dance Styles and Levels


At Salsiety we teach Linear Salsa On1 and On2, you will learn more about the different styles of salsa as you go. Salsa On1 and On2 both originated in the US and are both very popular in the Netherlands with On2 gaining lots of traction in recent years. We chose to start with Salsa On1 because it is the most commonly danced style of salsa in the Netherlands, this way you’ll be able to go to dance parties right after learning your very first steps!
You’ll also learn some Merengue at the Beginner level, a fun and energetic dance from the Dominican Republic. Merengue has an easy 2 step basic making it ideal to get up and dancing at parties, as well as getting used to the latin motion and leading/following without too much concern for your feet.

Beginners (On1)

We offer three Beginner levels:
Beginners 1 for First Timers
Beginners 2 +/- 3 months of experience
Beginners 3 +/- 6 months of experience

Intermediate (On1)

We offer three Intermediate levels:
Intermediate 1 +/- 1 year of experience
Intermediate 2 +/- 1 year + 3-6 months of experience
Intermediate 3 +/- 1 year + 6 months – 2 years of experience

Advanced (On1 and On2)

We offer six Advanced levels:
Advanced On1 1, 2 and 3 at least 2 years of experience
Advanced On2 1 switch On2 class, at least 2 years of experience
Advanced On2 2 and 3 at least 2,5 years of experience

Social Variations (On1)

Beginners 2 and up
This class is ideal for anyone who can’t wait to show off their moves on the dance floor even though maybe you haven’t been dancing for that long! In this class you’ll learn that you don’t need a lot to have an evening full of fun, varied dances and that you can do more than you think. This class is a perfect for any Beginner/Improver or early Intermediate dancer to get the most out of what you’re learning in your regular classes.

(Ladies’) Performance Training (On1 and/or On2)

In this training we will work hard to bring out the best in ourselves as dancers.
Every training we’ll start with a thorough warming up, focusing on conditioning, body isolations and stretching. We’ll focus on techniques for footwork, body movement, arm styling, how to use our breath, etc. The end of the class will be dedicated to learning a choreography that we will turn into a show.
The main priority of the training is not the show but to improve ourselves as dancers, i.e. our techniques, artistry and (stage) presence. Only when we’re ready we’ll start performing.
Training is open to everyone, you’re not obligated to perform. Everyone will get a a chance to perform at least once at our own social. Depending on our progress a team selection will be made for performances at bigger salsa parties and events.


At Salsiety we teach mainly Bachata Moderna but also a mix of styles (Dominican, Romantica, Sensual, Urban…). Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and is a very popular style of dance in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands you will mainly see Bachata Moderna, Romantica and Sensual on the social dancefloors.


We offer two Beginner levels:
Beginners 1 for First Timers
Beginners 2 +/- 3 months of experience


We offer two Intermediate levels:
Intermediate 1 +/- 6 months of experience
Intermediate 2 +/- 1 year of experience


We offer two advanced levels:
Advanced 1 and 2 at least 1+ year of experience

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