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with this salsa solo project for absolute beginners


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Who is this project for?
For anyone that has been wanting to take up (salsa) dancing, loves learning beginner choreography or is looking for a new hobby. Dance experience is not required 🙂

What will you learn?
In 8 days you will learn 6 core basic steps of salsa ánd a routine catered to beginners/first timers.

When will the project take place?
The live classes will be hosted every day from December 12 to December 19, 2021 at 20:30 CET. So that’s 8 live classes!
The recordings of the live classes and all explanation videos will be available until at least January 31, 2022. (So you won’t miss anything if you can’t make it to some or even all live sessions).

Where will the course take place?
The course will take place on Facebook in a private group, via live classes and prerecorded videos. The language of the course is English (feedback can also be given Dutch).


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What is included?

8 live classes + the recordings, available until at least January 31, 2022
11explanation videos of the individual steps and the routine, available until at least January 31, 2022
An personal dance video (deadline for submitting your video footage January 20, 2022)
A group video (this video will be posted on social media, participating in the group video is voluntary)
Personal feedback: Post your practice videos in the Facebook group at any time to receive feedback

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  • Do I need a partner?
    No, you do not need a partner, this is a Salsa Solo course, meaning you will dance by yourself 🙂
  • Is this project for women only?
    No, anyone can participate! 
  • Do I need to attend all classes?
    Nope, of course I’d love to see you online! Bút, recordings of all the classes will be available for you when you can’t attend some or even all live classes. This way you can learn at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Do I need anything special?
    You only need yourself and a few square meters to dance (3×3 should be enough). 
  • What do you mean by ‘edited dance video’? And how does it work? 
    As soon as you feel you’ve mastered the choreography well enough you may take a video of yourself and send it to me (deadline January 20, 2022). 
    I will then edit the video to include camera movements and other effects to make it look extra cool! 
    (Tips for taking the best video will be posted in the group).
  • What about the group video? What do you mean by that?
    From the videos that are submitted (see previous question) I will create a video collage so it looks a little bit like virtual dance performance! 
  • Will the video of me be posted on Social Media?
    Nothing will be posted online without your explicit permission! 
    Your individual final video is for your personal use, I would love to share it on my social media and website but, as stated, will do so only with your permission. You may grant or retract your permission at any time. 
    Keep in mind that the group video is intended to be posted online. I will only include your video in the group video after you’ve given your permission to do so.
    I might decide to make 2 group videos: 1 for personal use only, with the whole group; and 1 to be shared online, with only the participants that gave permission for. Let’s discuss it in the group!

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Why learn from me?

Hi! My name is Wietske Welten and I love to dance (obviously!).
I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old, started with classical ballet, did that for over 25 years, picked up some jazz dance, contemporary and belly dance along the way and finally got introduced to SALSA some 6-7 years ago. After that, I never looked back.
I’ve learned from many teachers from over the world, through classes, workshops, attending festivals and congresses and completed two salsa trainer’s courses.
In 2017 I got asked to teach for Salsipuedes Dance Company, one of the biggest and first salsa dance schools in The Netherlands. In 2018 I finally felt ready to take them up on their offer and my love for sharing my passion has grown ever since.
Salsa is the best way I’ve found to express myself, shut off my brain for a minute, grow my confidence and connect with wonderful people from around the world.
And that is exactly what I want others to experience as well!


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*Tikkie only available to participants in the Netherlands
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*You will be able to change your decision until January 20, 2022
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